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Please download the Source Code for Delphi 7.0 (Borland)
Included with Delphi 7.0 Library Components for an optimal compilation. shall be downloaded here. File is 5,35 Mbytes.

The executable file only (does not require any pre-installed packet capture drivers) shall be downloaded here. File is 859 Kbytes.

Please have a look at the SourceForge Developer information page for this project. Download the latest Release of Airview in Beta Version here.

Screenshot # 1 (adapter selection)
Screenshot # 2 (dump control)
Screenshot # 3 (adapter file output in text format)
Screenshot # 4 (Log console started)
Screenshot # 5 (statistics output)


Airview 1.0 Features

AirView 1.0 is a wireless packet monitor for the 802.11b Wi-Fi and Ethernet wired LAN networks packet sniffer. AirView captures wireless network packets, and helps you to visually monitor the WLAN packet activities. Airview 1.0 for WiFi captures every packet on the air and supports both Ethernet LAN and 802.11 and displays network traffic at the MAC level. You see real 802.11 frames, not just the data after it has been filtered through an Ethernet emulation.

This release uses the Packet capturing and analyzing technology Packet Sniffer SDK. (former Network Investigation Suite) which is a Gigabit network compatible development suite for network packet capture in Windows OS family environment. It supports packet filtering by BPF (BSD Packet Filter, user-settable packet filters) at the level of the built-in packet capture driver. AirView 1.0 supports new FastBPF technology (Just-In-Time BPF filters compilation). FastBPF works approximately 6 times faster than classic BPF filtering by BPF virtual machine.

AirView 1.0 does not need pre-installed packet capture drivers (no LibPcap, WinPcap, Windows NDISUIO etc..)

This Edition of AirView 1.0 contains internal packet capture driver, which is dynamically loaded/unloaded when the application is launched/closed. When AirView 1.0 is started, it loads and launches built-in packet capture driver. When the application is closed, built-in packet capture driver is unloaded.

AirView 1.0 supports of Gigabit networks. The development of this application can be upgraded to capture Gigabit network traffic totally without packet loss.
The application captures also TCP/UDP traffic, loopback support. With AirView 1.0 you can capture TCP sessions and assemle them in tcp data streams. Also localhost TCP sessions capturing with binding them with local processes is supported.

Airview 1.0 supports the following operation systems: Windows NT 4.0 - Windows 2000 - Windows XP - The special interface is intended to work under Windows XP and Windows 2000

Network adapters supported : Wireless Wifi 802.11b - Ethernet (802.3) - Token-Ring - FDDI - WAN (modem).





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